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1 Jun 2015

Recipes How to Make Cheese Delicious Delicious Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Cheese Cake is a culinary offerings that come from the archipelago and popular because of its unique taste and shape. Chocolate cheese cake are also many benefits in addition to a booster stomach cake can also be presented in a special event like a birthday. Chocolate cheese cake can be encountered in various bakery tart as rising economic namaun this cake so a little bit expensive though in terms of form it looks a little mini cakes from other cakes. This cake is perfect served when we’re relaxing at home accompanied also with a cup of hot sweet tea especially during the rainy season this cake so much better again. Well for those of you who are also lovers of cakes especially tart you do not worry because this time we will present the recipe for all of you who are at home to get ready to cook. Okay this time our language about Prescription How To Make Chocolate Cheese Cake tasty Delicious. Consider the following:

Main ingredients:

100 grams of sugar prepared
8 egg yolks prepared
3 egg whites prepared
15 grams of milk powder prepared
60 grams of wheat flour prepared
15 grams of cornstarch prepared
teaspoon vanilla paste prepared
Prepare 75 grams of margarine and melt


100 grams of delicious buttercream

Topping Ingredients:

Prepare 125 grams of dark cooking chocolate and scar and chill in the refrigerator
At the end, prepare 100 grams of grated cheddar cheese

How it Works and Processing:

The initial step whipped eggs and sugar until fluffy and then add the cornstarch, flour, and milk powder sifted and mix evenly.
Then enter the melt margarine and vanilla paste little by little, stirring gently.
Next enter into a plastic bag and spray a thick triangle into muffin tins short and wide dialas paper cup.
Furthermore oven for 18 minutes with the fire below 190 degrees Celsius temperature until ripe.
And spread thinly topped with buttercream and then sow the side of it with grated cheese and luarnyanya with grated chocolate.

Well that earlier steps. Interesting right buddy? From these results we conclude that made this cake is not as difficult as we thought, and you can now membuatya at home without having to buy at the bakery.

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